The Premio Daniel Carasso

The food challenge – to feed some 10 billion people with all due respect for the planet and humankind – requires that research into sustainable food systems be intensified. Doing so, however, calls for a multipronged, cross-disciplinary approach that is not really workable or adapted to what is still a very compartmentalized context. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation has created the Premio Daniel Carasso precisely to highlight such an approach and its practitioners.The  Premio Daniel Carasso is an international prize awarded for the first time by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation in 2012, then in 2015 and from then on every two years. It is intended to reward and encourage outstanding scientific research into sustainable food systems and diets for long-term health. The Premio is worth €100,000 and the winner becomes the Foundation’s ambassador for sustainable food and diets until the next Premio comes around.The Premio is open to scientists working in fundamental and applied research in the following fields: nutrition, food studies, food technology and sciences, agriculture, agronomy, fishing and fish-farming, agro-ecology, ecology, biodiversity, environmental sciences, sociology, anthropology, economics, farming / food / nutrition policy and all other scientific disciplines that fall within the ambit of sustainable food.